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Pokémon Trading Card Game Sets

What's the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

Well, whenever Pokémon came out in America, Nintendo of America knew there was a Pokémon card game in Japan, and thought it would be a good idea to release that same game here. That game was called the Pokémon Trading Card Game!

So far there have been 11 sets released in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, those sets are Base, Jungle, Fossil, Base 2(a remake of Base and Jungle), Team Rocket, Gym: Heroes, Gym: Challenge(part two of Gym Heroes), Neo: Genises, Neo: Discovery, Neo: Revelations, and Southern Islands. The best set would probably be Jungle, for it released the powerful Scyther, and Wigglytuff. But then again, there is the wonderfully powerful Sneasel, in Neo: Genises, along with Baby Pokemon. Ah, what an I saying, all the sets have their strengths, so go ahead and make a deck!